2017 Generations United Photo Contest

Thank you to those who submitted photos and voted for their favorites! Here are the winning photos:

1st Place

1st Place.jpg
Larry Goering is an Oasis tutor at Mullanphy Elementary School in St. Louis, working with children in grades K-2 to provide extra attention and help so they can be successful and not fall behind.

2nd Place

2nd Place.jpg
Great-grandma always finds exciting ways to interact with my daughters — taking them to the library, singing with them, decorating for holidays. On this particular occasion, she decided to plant some beautiful flowers. It has been such a pleasure to see our daughters’ relationship with great-grandma blossom over the years.

3rd Place

3rd Place.jpg
Boat building team leader John planes the vessel’s top, working alongside Youth Conservation Corps member Anna. When they are satisfied the perimeter trim is absolutely smooth and level, the board’s top will be epoxied on.

Audience Favorite

Audience Favorite.jpg
The grandfather receives a kiss, as a token gift of ‘Eid Al – Fitr’ from his granddaughter at Kolkata in India.



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